Human capital strategic plan ppt

2020-02-22 09:02

Human capital management Definition HCM is concerned with obtaining, analysing and reporting on data that inform the direction of valueadding people management, strategic, investment and operational decisions at corporate level and at the level of front line management.Strategic Goal Objectives: Strategic Partnerships Develop a framework to clarify roles, responsibilities and expectations in conjunction with leadership to ensure HR is providing a level of service in line with the mission. Engagement and Recognition Strategy Determine recognition strategy, reinforce culturevalues, improve engagement and productivity. human capital strategic plan ppt

Smithsonian Human Capital Strategic Plan FY 17 Human Capital Support in the Units In addition to the Human Resources Offices, there is a significant human resources (HR) support presence in the Units provided by the Unit Business Partners (BPs) and Human Resource Liaisons (HRLs).

management of human capital programs. Human capital planning is the method by which an agency designs a coherent framework of human capital policies, programs, and practices to achieve a shared vision integrated with the agencys strategic plan. Implementation of the strategic human capital plan is a key step in an agencys progress to build a highly effective, To carry on work People need to be replaced People leave the organisation Companies expand Changing needs that cannot be met by old labour force To rightsize the company Organizations business or strategic planning process is the first planning process done by the company The organisational strategy should: A clear statement of the companys mission A clear statement of the companys purpose, plans An action plan based on the available resources Human resource planninghuman capital strategic plan ppt Sep 12, 2010 Heckelman Developing an Integrated Human Capital Strategy 1. Developing an Integrated Human Capital Strategy Presentation to the: Florida Society of Human Resource Management Wendy Heckelman, Ph. D. WLH Consulting, Inc. 2703 Cypress Manor Suite 100 Fort Lauderdale, FL