David gerstenhaber argonaut capital

2020-04-03 22:11

David Gerstenhaber, one of the first tiger cubs, is the hedge fund manager for Argonaut Capital. Gerstenhaber is an economist and follows a global macro investing approach. Argonauts annual average return is 16 since its inception in 2000. Argonaut also gained 12. 3 in 2008 when most hedge funds and investors were under water.Jul 28, 2010  Today we present you with the May 2010 investor letter from David Gerstenhaber's global macro hedge fund Argonaut Capital. Although david gerstenhaber argonaut capital

Feb 07, 2018  David Gerstenhaber, Argonaut Capital Management, and Richard Bernstein, Richard Bernstein Advisors, provide insight to the market correction, stock valuations, earnings and where they see the markets headed

David Gerstenhaber President& Portfolio Manager, Argonaut Capital Management Greater New York City Area Investment Management Mr. David Ezra Gerstenhaber serves as the Founder, President, and Portfolio Manager at Argonaut Management, L. P. Mr. Gerstenhaber is involved in the analysis of the relationship betweendavid gerstenhaber argonaut capital Nov 25, 2010  Tiger Cub David Gerstenhaber: The economist whose passion for markets began at age 14. Gerstenhaber is a trained economist and runs today the hedge fund Argonaut Capital Management. In this Opalesque. TV BACKSTAGE interview, Gerstenhaber

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