How to use capital bikeshare key

2020-04-02 13:29

Having problems with your bike key? Make sure your account is active and the credit card you have on file is up to date. You can check on this by logging into yourApr 20, 2017  Keydispensing kiosks can be identified on the Capital Bikeshare station map by the gray key icons. In addition to dispensing keys, the kiosks new screens provide a streamlined menu system, the ability to review ones past rides, and other detailed options. how to use capital bikeshare key

Activate your key. Log into your account online and click the link to activate your bike key. Youll need the ID code on your bike key, which can be found right below the barcode. If you have received your key from a keydispensing kiosk at a station, your key is ready to use immediately.

How to Buy a Day Key Membership. You'll receive a key that you can activate online. When you're ready to ride, just use your key to unlock a bike and begin your 24 hours of access. To renew your Day Key Membership, simply insert your key into any dock with an available bike and another 24Hour Pass will be charged to your account at the discounted rate of 7. If you chose to pickup your key instead when you signed up, you can get yours at one of our key dispensers, which can be found at select stations. To find a station with a key dispenser, go to the System Map and look for the black key to use capital bikeshare key Jul 13, 2017 Station placement is key to connecting bikeshare to the transportation grid By Melissa Paluch July 13, 2017 A typical bikeshare member might often face an easy choice in trying to get from her home to downtown: pick up a bike and pedal with the wind in her hair, or sit in traffic and search in vain for a parking space.