African american street fair brooklyn

2020-02-27 02:33

May 27, 2017  Brooklyn United Music and Arts Program added a new photo at Bam Dance Africa Street Fair. June 17 Brooklyn, New York Brooklyn United Music and Arts Program added a new photo at Bam Dance Africa Street Fair.The International African Arts Festival (IAAFestival) will be celebrating its 48th consecutive year, and we need your support. The IAAF is the longest running cultural arts festival in the United States dedicated to showcasing and celebrating the cultural and historical legacy of people of African descent. african american street fair brooklyn

DanceAfrica Bazaar is an annual event, held every May at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, that celebrates and showcases the material culture of a wide range of African cultures and countries. In 2019 it's taking place May 25, 26, and 27.

Jul 06, 2019 NYC STREET FAIRS, FESTIVALS AND PARADES JULY 2019 Brooklyn Flea Williamsburg on Saturdays: East River State Park, 90 Kent Ave at N. 7th St, Brooklyn 11am6pm opens April 6, 2019 Sundays in Prospect Park: 50th Annual African American Day Parade September 15, 2019 1pm6pm Jul 04, 2019  We have attended the International African Arts Festival in Brooklyn for a few years now and we have thoroughly enjoyed it. We have found it to be exciting, rewarding, enlightening and vibrational. Hurray for Brooklyncant get this anywhere else! Kim and Earl L.african american street fair brooklyn This DanceAfrica favorite returns to the BAM Howard Gilman Opera House for the 21st consecutive year. The BAMRestoration DanceAfrica Ensemble serves as a symbol of youth involvement in the preservation of African heritage, celebrating both ancestral roots and the modernday community.