Capital of algeria map

2020-02-22 12:21

Aug 04, 2018 When did Algiers Become the Capital? On 4 July 1830, under the pretext of insulting the French consulate, the army under the direction of General Bourmont attacked the city. The French won victory. Algiers became the capital of French Algeria. Many Europeans settled in Algeria and formed the majority of the urban population in the early 20thJul 12, 2016 The Romans and remains one of the most exotic destinations on the planet founded Algiers, the capital city, in the 10th century. Algeria is the largest country in Africa, and its main population centers are located along the Mediterranean Sea coastline. capital of algeria map

The capital of Algeria. North Africa the most developed part of the Blackcontinent. Many of the countries located in this part of the continent, are experts in the organization of the rest, and their capital the center of attention of travelers.

Its capital and most populous city is Algiers. With a total area of 2, 381, 741 square kilometres (919, 595 sq mi), 90 of which is desert, Algeria is the tenthlargest country in the world, and the largest in Arab world and Africa (following the partition of Sudan) and on the Mediterranean. Algiers, along the Mediterranean coast, is the countrys capital and largest city. The overwhelming majority of Algerias people live in the northern part of the country, near the coast. Algeria was a colony of France from the mid19th century until it won independence in of algeria map