Is brooklyn safe to live

2020-02-21 09:58

jaidl I live in the 40s one block away from ave d and its kinda dangerous, im a kid and men stare at your parts which could make you uncomfortable and i have lots of friends that are in gangs throughout the 30's and the 40's of east flatbush, but the 30's is mostly the projects but it might be me cus i been living here for 13 years but i feel safe walking home but there's lots of shootings andFor young professionals from all over the U. S. , Brooklyn has become the hot place to live, with the pricey rents and home prices to prove it. The best way to scope out the neighborhoods is to visit each one, preferably on a nice day, when people are outside and you can get a is brooklyn safe to live

Nov 25, 2015 As gritty and overwhelming as it can be at times, at its heart, Brooklyn is a city of neighborhoods and communities that people take pride in and are fiercely loyal to. People in Brooklyn care about where they live and that manifests itself in the best of ways.

Dec 26, 2015 The results of our analysis, presented below, reveal the safest and most dangerous neighborhoods to live in across Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx. Note: This analysis looks at crime rates on a basis. Mar 25, 2018 Brighton Beach Coney Island could be considered as well, with prices in line with the ones mentioned above, B, Q, F trains within 25 min from Manhattan and did I mentioned beaches. Summer temperatures in the area normally 56 degrees lower then in the city and other parts of Brooklyn. And it is pretty safe brooklyn safe to live How can the answer be improved?