Huguenot church charleston south carolina

2020-04-04 08:57

French Huguenot Church The French Huguenot Church, a National Historic Landmark, is the third church to be constructed on this site. Completed in 1845, it was the first Gothic Revival building constructed in Charleston, and is an excellent example of the versatility of local architect Edward Brickell White.In the midnineteenth century, there was a renewed interested in Huguenot history and genealogy. The Huguenot cross came into general use as a symbol of French Protestant ancestry, as did the term Huguenot. A number of lineage societies, including the Huguenot Society of South Carolina, were founded to preserve the history of the Huguenots and huguenot church charleston south carolina

The Huguenot Church, also called the French Huguenot Church or the French Protestant Church, is a Gothic Revival church located at 136 Church Street in Charleston, South Carolina. Built in 1844 and designed by architect Edward Brickell White, it is the oldest Gothic Revival church in South Carolina, and has been designated a National Historic Landmark and listed on the National Register of

The French Huguenot Church is listed in the National Register: . Completed in 1845, the Huguenot Church was the first Gothic Revival building built in Charleston. It is an excellent example of Edward Brickell Whites versatility for he had recently completed both Greek So, the Huguenot Church of Charleston is unique. It is a living remnant and reminder of the Huguenot experience here in South Carolina. Our Sunday worship follows the original Liturgies of Neufchatel and Valangin with prayers, music, scripture readings and sermon included in a traditional context.huguenot church charleston south carolina Open to the public and parishioners alike, the French Huguenot Church continues to make history while honoring its unique architectural past, and visitors will find this legacy and continuing mission is perfectly in synch with the modern yet legendary Charleston, South Carolina.