Ecu north carolina collection

2020-04-06 11:03

The North Carolina Collection is dedicated to preserving literary, visual, and artifactual materials illustrating four centuries of the colony and state of North Carolina. The collection comprises three divisions: the Research Library, North Carolina Collection Gallery, and Photographic Archives.A curated collection of free textbooks for 30 of the most frequentlytaught courses across North Carolinas 2 and 4year colleges and universities. Open Library NC Provides access to digital scans of books contributed by libraries across the country, including many North Carolina Libraries. ecu north carolina collection

The ECU Greenville Science Olympiad will be hosted by the Center for STEM Education at East Carolina University. ECU faculty and students along with community volunteers have designed events that will produce scores that will determine multiple medal winners with trophies awarded to the top middle and high schools in each division.

The Digital Collections unit supports the research and teaching mission of East Carolina University and preserves the cultural heritage of the eastern North Carolina community through digital initiatives, especially the creation of digital library materials and tools. Read More Archaeological survey of historic Bath: locating the early eighteenthcentury colonial settlements in North Carolina's first town; by Flood, Lindsay N. 2012 Format: Theses and dissertations, Electronic, and Bookecu north carolina collection The East Carolina Manuscript Collection acquires historical manuscript materials related to North Carolina, the tobacco industry, worldwide missionary activities, and American military history, especially naval and maritime history. Currently the collection is considered one of the leading repositories in the nation for modern naval and