South carolina alimony cohabitation

2020-02-18 00:48

Apr 28, 2017  Although statute defines cohabitation, the facts and circumstances of each case determine whether cohabitation has truly occurred. A discussion of the elements of cohabitation follows, but at the outset, it is important to understand the reasoning of why cohabitationIs standard of living considered in South Carolina alimony? Standard of living is considered when calculating alimony payments in the state of South Carolina. This means that a judge will consider the lifestyle enjoyed by the alimonyreceiving spouse during the duration of the marriage when determining an appropriate alimony payment amount. south carolina alimony cohabitation

Jan 19, 2008 Does South Carolina law regarding cohabitation and alimony over ride the final divorce statement. My divorce papers state that I wil receive permanent alimony and will terminate only upon my death or remarriage.

The terms 'residents' or 'resided' as used in this section as it applies to a plaintiff or defendant stationed in this State on active duty military service means a continuous presence in this State for the period required regardless of intent to permanently remain in South Carolina. Alimony is one of the most contentious issues in a South Carolina divorce. Your best resource is a South Carolina divorce attorney that is familiar with the Family Court judges in your area and can advise you on what to expect if you let a judge decide how much and for how long you will pay spousal support to your ex spouse.south carolina alimony cohabitation The March 16, 2011 Court of Appeals opinion in Biggins v. Burdette, 392 S. C. 241, 708 S. E. 2d 237 (Ct. App. 2011), continues the trend of the South Carolina appellate courts to interpret cohabitation strictly against an obligor seeking to terminate alimony. South Carolina law terminates alimony upon the continued cohabitation of the supported spouse