Movies filmed in north carolina 2013

2020-04-02 06:53

Jan 04, 2016 Iron Man 3 (2013) The headquarters of Stark Industries in the film was shot at an office building in Cary, North Carolina. Some of the most intense scenes in the movie were filmed at the Cape Fear River in Wilmington, North Carolina. Some other filming areas include Rose Hill, Oak Island, and Kenansville.Oct 30, 2014  Here's a look at 10 spooky Halloween horror movies that were filmed here in North Carolina. You may have seen some of these, as several were movies filmed in north carolina 2013

Filming Locations: Where was Safe Haven filmed? Posted by Ra Moon Safe Haven, the movie from 2013 inspired on a novel by Nicholas Sparks, is a classic romantic tale set in

Jan 07, 2016  Youre sure to recognize these 14 iconic locations from famous movies filmed in North Carolina. 1. Dirty Dancing, Lake Lure. Play Buzz. No one puts Baby in a corner, but they sure put Lake Lure on the center stage with the filming of Dirty Dancing. Today, Lake Lure even hosts an annual Dirty Dancing Festival. Relive Famous Film Scenes in North Carolina. With more than 800 productions shot in the state since 1980, its a pretty safe bet that North Carolina plays a role in at least one of your favorite movies or TV shows. Here are six destinations to relive some iconic moments from the big (and small) screen.movies filmed in north carolina 2013 Mar 30, 2015 Forrest Gump. As one of the many national filming locations, North Carolina makes its own appearance as a running location for Forrest in this beloved movie.