Planting food plots for deer in south carolina

2020-02-24 17:25

CoolSeason Food Plots for Deer. Small grains and clovers are typically planted as coolseason foods for deer. These plants stay green in the winter, and they are nutritious and attractive to deer. There are many varieties of small grain and clover to choose from, such as wheat, rye, oats, and Ladino, red and crimson clovers.When most people think of planting food plots, they envision planting them during the months of May or June, and then watching their crops grow throughout the spring and summer months. Many don't view the dog days of summer as a time to be planting food plots. Most deer hunters plant the usual varieties of plants to give their local deer the extra nutrients to encourage healthy body weights planting food plots for deer in south carolina

While this can be a debatable subject (depending on location, climate, and soil), small grains, clover varieties, and brassicas are typically among the best coolseason food plots to plant for deer. These plants stay green in the winter, are normally very attractive to deer, and provide a great deal of nutrition to wildlife during the fall and winter months.

Wildlife Deer Information A Retrospective on Hunting Deer Over Bait in South Carolina Can Baiting Negatively Affect Hunter Success and Deer Harvest Rates? Habitat Management Issues. Many hunters suffer from the misconception that baiting is a form of habitat management. These plants are the cream of the crop for deer! There are some pretty good deer food plot plants conspicuously missing from both tables including annual ryegrass, kale, rose clover, berseem clover, subterranean clover, Kentucky bluegrass, timothy and others. For one reason or another, they just did not make the cut.planting food plots for deer in south carolina Best Time to Plant a Food Plot. Late Summer Plantings are Ideal. The end of July and early August is arguably the best time of the year to plant a food plot. Weeds will be dying, moisture will be on the increase and food plotting practitioners have plenty of months to prepare their next great food plot planting. If you need to raise deer