Carolina rigged plastics

2020-02-18 22:00

Jun 06, 2014 Bass Fishing: How to Carolina Rig a Plastic Worm with Scott Martin Scott will give you a step by step tutorial on how to carolina rig a plastic worm with a special modification to make thingsMar 04, 2008  Carolina rig opponents, meanwhile, say rigging is a drag both literally and figuratively. The objective is to pull a heavy sinker along the bottom ahead of a soft plastic lure that darts or floats on a leader behind the weight. carolina rigged plastics

Sensing the hit with the Carolina rig is the same as sensing the hit with any other plastic bait rig. If it feels different than hit it! The bass as I said earlier may be testing it for food quality, or they may be pushing it, or head butting it, so if doubt enters you mind hit it!

Aug 01, 2017 The Carolina rig is also a very effective and popular rig for bass fishing soft plastics. It is similar to the Texas rig in that the plastic worm or bait is rigged weedless, but the weight is separated from the lure with a leader and a swivel. This article will focus on a few basic rules of thumb to help you answer the whens, wheres, and whys of the Carolina rig vs. Texas rig. Carolina rigs, especially when rigged with a heavy sinker (34 to 1 ounce), work best in several different situations. the soft plastic lure you use on your rig will also affect the drop speed andcarolina rigged plastics The Carolina Rig: Tricks, Tips and Tactics to Catch More Fish. A Carolina rig is a bass fishing basic. It's one of our most efficient tools and it's a tool that each and every one of us ought to use regularly.