South carolina statehouse confederate flag

2020-04-04 20:32

COLUMBIA, SC The Confederate flag is coming back to the S. C. State House, at least for one day. On Tuesday, members of the S. C. Secessionist Party will raise the rebel banner on a temporary poleConfederate flag will temporarily fly again at South Carolina Statehouse on Monday. The flag is expected to fly until about 3 p. m. Monday. The Secessionist Party event is drawing opposition. Members of the Columbia branch of the community group Showing Up for Racial Justice plan to stand along Gervais Street near the rally to show they do not support the reraising. south carolina statehouse confederate flag

Jul 10, 2018 Up Next. Members of the South Carolina Sucessionist Party raise the Confederate Battle Flag on a temporary pole at the South Carolina State House. When the flag was permanently removed in 2015, the group pledged to raise the flag every year.

Jun 22, 2015  On Monday afternoon, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley became the latest person to urge the South Carolina legislature to remove the Confederate battle flag from the states Capitol. Modern display of the Confederate battle flag. Jump to navigation Jump to search. The square Army of Northern Virginia battle flag under General Robert E. Lee, designed bysouth carolina statehouse confederate flag 12 days ago A group called Flags Across the South has a permit for a rally outside the state Capitol on July 13 and plans to fly the Confederate Supporters of the Confederate flag will be a few days late this year in marking the anniversary of the banners removal from the South Carolina statehouse grounds.

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