B9 bus schedule brooklyn ny

2020-04-03 21:18

# Bay Ridge Kings Plaza Bus Time NYC: : Realtime busmetrotrain location& alert, share through social media.New York City Bus Schedules; Brooklyn Bus Schedules; Brooklyn Bus Schedules. Download copies of the Brooklyn local, Select, and Express bus schedules and timetables. Schedules are subject to change, so check the service status of any bus you are planning to ride. B9 60 Street Avenue M. B11 49& 50 Streets Avenue J. B12 CLarkson Av Empire b9 bus schedule brooklyn ny

B11 BUS SCHEDULE BROOKLYN TIME 49& 50 STREETS AVENUE J Find out how to get to your destination by using public transportation from NY, New York to bus route

The B9 bus is evil. Friggin MTA, get off your butts and replan this thing. First of all even if the bus drivers were not goofing off and taking unscheduled breaks down at Kings Plaza, [someone needs to document this on video I say, first of all even if everything goes right, these buses still cannot keep to their schedule? B9 Bay Ridge Kings Plaza. via 60th St Avenue M. Choose your direction: to BAY RDGE SHORE RD via AVENUE M via 60 ST; to KINGS PLAZA via 60 ST via AVENUE Mb9 bus schedule brooklyn ny Bus Timetable Effective as of April 28, 2019 New York City Transit B9 Local Service If you think your bus operator deserves an Apple Award our special recognition for service, courtesy and professionalism call 511 and give us the badge or bus number. Between Bay Ridge and Kings Plaza a

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