How to do business with the canadian federal government

2020-04-04 09:45

The site is the main location to find information about doing business with the Government of Canada. Once you have registered to become a government supplier via the Buy and Sell website, it is essential that you proactively promote your business as a supplier. Let them know what goods and services you have and why you should be their supplier.Learn how to bid for government tenders, write proposals and promote your goods and services. Test your late stage innovative goods and services by selling to the federal government. If you are Aboriginal and want to sell your goods or services to the government, find out how to apply for government contracts. how to do business with the canadian federal government

The government recognizes that Aboriginal business is underrepresented when it comes to bidding for and winning government contracts. We hope to change that by making it easier for the government and Aboriginal firms to do business with each other while still meeting the principles of fairness, openness, and best value for the Canadian public.

Aims to increase federal contracting opportunities and to gain access to the overall federal procurement process for Aboriginal businesses. A national Government of Canada initiative led by Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada. The Aboriginal Business Directory lists companies Doing business with government. Selling to the federal government, buying from the government and selling to other to do business with the canadian federal government Mar 18, 2019 Guides for doing business with the Government Central Contractor Registration Contractor registration enables you to register once, using a single method, to do business with the Government. It also enables the Government to collect contractor information in a standardized and centralized way that eliminates duplication and inefficiency.