Onomastica canadiana

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How can the answer be improved?Apr 01, 2018 Onomastica Canadiana, Band 95, No. 1& 2 (Journal of the Canadian Society for the Study of NamesRevue de la Socit canadienne d'onomastique). Redaktion: Donna L. Lillian (Appalachian Sate University, Boone, NC, USA) and Carol J. Lonard (University of Alberta, Canada). onomastica canadiana

Geography. Edmundston is strategically situated only a few kilometres from the border with Quebec and on the border with the United States, opposite the town of Madawaska, Maine, to which it is connected by the EdmundstonMadawaska Bridge.

Nazareth Chornyak: An Unlikely Messiah. [forthcoming, Onomastica Canadiana 97, 2018 Granny Names in The Ozark Trilogy. Names and Their Environment. Proceedings of the 25th International Congress of Onomastic Sciences, Glasgow, 2529 August 2014. Vol. 5. Wyandot language. Wyandot (sometimes spelled Wadat) is the Iroquoian language traditionally spoken by the people known variously as Wyandot or Wyandotte, descended from the Wendat (Huron). It was last spoken by members located primarily in Oklahoma, United States and Quebec, Canada. Linguists have traditionally considered Wyandot asonomastica canadiana Accdez Access to: ONOMASTICA CANADIANA The official journal of the Canadian Society for the Study of Names La revue officielle de la Socit canadienne d'onomastique