Us gas prices converted to canadian

2020-02-18 00:47

Apr 10, 2018 Gas prices in the U. S. are given by the gallon; to convert them to liters, you'll divide the price by the number of liters in a gallon, 3. . So if gas costs 3. 50 per gallon, you have 3. 50 3. 0. per liter, which would typically be rounded to 0. 92 per liter.Apr 24, 2010  Best Answer: You'll probably need a calculator. The prices you see for gas in Canada are for a litre of gas. A US gallon is 3. 79 litres. So if the gas costs 1. 04 per litre, multiply that by 3. 79 and the equivalent price in US gallons would be 3. 94 a gallon. Right now the Canadian us gas prices converted to canadian

The Canadian Dollar per Liter from US Dollar per Gallon calculator computes the price of gas (petrol) in Canadian dollars per liter based on the price per gallon in U. S. Dollars. 1. 534 per Liter in Montreal. INSTRUCTIONS: Enter the following: (PPG) The price per gallon of gasoline (petrol) in U

In order to convert the American gas price to Canadian, you need to think about the exchange rates. That way, youll be absolutely certain about the cost of a gallon of gas when in Canada, and the litre of gas when youre in the United States. Well take the regular price of gas So buying gas today at the average price in Canada costs per liter. Using the formula, I easily calculate that the same liter amount at today's average price in the U. S. costs US 1. 11 cents converted to Canadian 1. 01 that's 1. 12 cents per liter, a difference of 20. 5 cents per liter!us gas prices converted to canadian Re: converting per US gallon to per Can. liter Take the US price per gallon, divide by 3. 785, and multiply that by Canadian dollars per US dollar. You'll have to look up the exchange rate, but presently it's about 1. 059. 3. to be exact, and assuming a US gallon (a