Canadian vs american culture

2020-03-30 11:05

May 11, 2012 The most famous example being the I AM CANADIAN Molson beer campaign that has managed to connect Molson beer as a staple of Canadian culture eventhough the company is owned by American brewer Coors.American& Canadian Consumers: Not As Similar As You Think. For instance, one of the many cultural differences is in how Canadians consume advertising and marketing. There is an incredibly low transferability rate between ads that were created in the U. S. and then exported to Canada without any alteration. In one study, 60 of effective U. S. ads resulted in much lower sales effectiveness in Canada. canadian vs american culture

Nov 19, 2009 American vs. Canadian Youth: Lifestyles, Values Differ. Americans in the age group watch an average of about one hour more TV per day than Canadians. On weekdays, Americans watch an average of 5. 9 hours per day, while Canadians watch 4. 8 hours. On weekends, Americans watch an average of 5. 5 hours, Canadians watch 4. 6.

Canada Vs. America's Business Culture. Not only is this belief offensive to Canadians, but it also ignores important differences in the business culture of both countries. International business novices would do well to compare the Canadian and American approaches to doing business. A sharpened understanding of divergent communications, meetings, canadian vs american culture