Canadian vs american english pronunciation

2020-04-02 04:33

Canadian English is an odd duck, a weird amalgam of American English and our British roots. Throw in some minor influences from First Nations languages, French and other immigrant tongues and youJun 06, 2013 Pronunciation. What other types of videos do you want to see? Comment below! German Passport vs American Passport Duration: LEARN ENGLISH How to Pronounce Canadian Cities, canadian vs american english pronunciation

How are Canadian English and American English different? The pronunciation of words with ou is the most famous feature of Canadian English. Some common examples include out, about, and house. It's very difficult to find many general rules for Canadian and American English differences.

Aug 20, 2015  But Canadas English isnt British or American, writes James Harbeck. Why is Canadian English unique? or it may be a relic of Shakespeareera pronunciation. How can you tell the difference between a USA and Canadian accent? For one thing, they have a strong tendency to say eh? in tag questions, such as: Its a beautiful day, eh? And we all know the uhoot abuhoot thuh huhoose (out about thecanadian vs american english pronunciation Oct 29, 2002 The most important difference between Canadian and American English is that Canadian English is universally very crisp and clean (I've heard some remarkably well spoken construction workers in that country). American English tends to be less precise, with a lot of dropped t s and lazy consonants.