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2020-04-05 13:11

News 26 April, 2019 8: 30 am EDT. Arctic sovereignty means northern partnerships, Canadian MPs declare There is a fundamental desire on the part of Northerners for a new eraJan 20, 2016  Home News Canadas Arctic sovereignty is on thin ice. In the High Arctic, Canadian Forces Station Alert on Ellesmere Island is staffed by 55 military and civilian personnel. The closest canadian arctic sovereignty news

Nov 02, 2017  Canada must assert sovereignty over the Arctic while there's still time Senator Dennis Patterson: As has been the case throughout history, sovereignty

Ottawa is trying to break the ice in a bid to lay claim to the far North, as Katie Simpson reports a centuriesold shipwreck may help. A Canadian Senate committee on Wednesday called for a stronger defense of the countrys sovereignty in the Arctic as retreating ice brings increased foreign interest in far north resources and navigation.canadian arctic sovereignty news Mar 29, 2017 Canadian Arctic sovereignty videos and latest news articles; GlobalNews. ca your source for the latest news on Canadian Arctic sovereignty.