Famous figures in canadian history

2020-04-05 16:53

Important People From Canadian History John Cabot (c. 1449c. 1499) Cabot is the first European known to have sailed to the continent Jacques Cartier ( ) Cartier was a French explorer and the first European to make Samuel de Champlain (c. ) Called the founder of Quebec,She has written popular articles in magazines and newspapers before, and in 2006, created the website Blacbiblio. com as a source of popular reference materials about Canadian Black history. Her website is a comprehensive, online bibliographic record of the history of Black people in Canada. famous figures in canadian history

Canadian. Find out more about the greatest Canadians, including Elon Musk, Ryan Reynolds, Shawn Mendes, Keanu Reeves and Jordan Peterson.

Famous Canadians Terry Fox ( ) Easily the most beloved Canadian of the last 100 years, Dr. David Suzuki (b. 1936) A scientist, activist, and media star, Don Cherry (b. 1934) Loud, brash, and Don Cherry has been Wayne Gretzky (b. 1961) Indisputably one of The answers are bound to be slightly subjective, eh? John A Macdonald: dominant figure leading Canadian confederation; instrumental in getting the transcontinental railway built; most unfortunately bent to Ontario interests concerning French wfamous figures in canadian history How can the answer be improved?