Should county government be capitalized

2020-04-04 04:33

Nov 23, 2016 In this expression government is a common noun. It does not describe a specific institution. An official name would be proper noun and as such should be capitalized for example: The Secretary of State (of the Untied States). Other example would be word like parliament. Although it describes a speciffic institution it is not a proper noun.County Clerk's Office; you should only capitalize the first and last word and the important words. Short words like a, an, the, of, and others should not be capitalized unless they are the should county government be capitalized

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Words such as honors, baccalaureate, masters degree, federal, government and state should not be capitalized unless used as part of an official name or title. de in John Baptist de La Salle When using the full name of the founder of the Christian Brothers, the de should Jul 20, 2016 If I have the sentence The US federal government ought to ban handguns would the f and g be capitalized? I read this page but I am still notshould county government be capitalized May 29, 2008 No, it is not a proper noun and should not be capitalized. Does it matter if you are you are referring back to the noun in the form of a proper noun or a proper adjective. In other words I understand if you already referred to the State of Florida, later on you can say The State was established in 1845.