Difference between money market and capital market with examples

2020-02-26 17:49

How can the answer be improved?Nov 19, 2018 There are many differences between Money Market and Capital Market. These two terms are completely opposite to each other. The primary difference between the two are The place where short term marketable securities are traded is known as Money Market. Unlike Capital Market, where long term securities are created and traded is known as Capital Market. difference between money market and capital market with examples

Oct 04, 2017  Example of money market could be interbank borrowing and lending as they are for very short duration. Usually money market instruments are of less than a year maturity. Repo is another example. Example of capital market is stocks or equity. Capital markets are divided into 2

The basis Of Comparison Between Money Market vs Capital Market: Money Market. Capital Market. Meaning: A section of the financial market where shortterm securities are issued and traded: A section of the market where longterm securities are issued and traded: Financial Instruments: Government Securities, Certificate of Deposit, Commercial Papers (CPs) etc. Mar 24, 2010 Another difference between the two markets is what is being used to do the borrowing or lending. In the money markets the most common things used are commercial paper and certificates of deposits, whereas with the capital markets the most common thing used is stocks and bonds.difference between money market and capital market with examples Apr 19, 2019 Money Market. The financial instruments used in capital markets include stocks and bonds, but the instruments used in the money markets include deposits, collateral loans, acceptances and bills of exchange. Institutions operating in money markets are central banks, commercial banks and acceptance houses, among others.