Accounting for share capital questions

2020-02-22 12:54

The total amount recognized in the share capital account is 1 million which equates to the nominal value of the issued shares (i. e. 1 per share) whereas the cash proceeds over and above the nominal value amounting 500, 000 (i. e. 0. 5 per share) has been credited to the share premium account.Share capital (shareholders capital, equity capital, contributed capital Contributed Surplus Contributed Surplus is an account of the equity section of the balance sheet that holds any excess amounts made from the issuance of shares with a par value. accounting for share capital questions

Jun 27, 2017  TS Grewal Solutions for Class 12 Accountancy Company Account Accounting for Share Capital (Volume II) Question 1. Gopal Ltd. was registered with an authorised capital of Rs. 50, 00, 000 divided into Equity Shares of Rs. 10 each. The company offered for public subscription all the shares.

Accounting for share capital Important Questions for CBSE Class 12 Accountancy Accounting Treatment of Issue Shares. The payment was to be made by issuing of 9 preference share of Rs 100 each at a premium of Rs 10 per share. Pass necessary journal entries in the books of Z Ltd. (Delhi 2011) Ans. What is Share Capital? The share capital is the amount of money and property a company receives through their equity financing. . It is an important aspect of a business because it reflects how much a company has earned through equity shares at the time of IPO.accounting for share capital questions ADVERTISEMENTS: Here is a compilation of top six accounting problems on issue of shares with its relevant solutions. Problem 1 (Issue of Shares at ParJournal, Cash Book and Balance Sheet): A Limited Company issued 25, 000 Ordinary Shares of Rs. 25 each payable Rs. 5 on application, Rs. 10 on allotment and Rs. 5 each on [