Asian nations and capitals

2020-04-02 23:29

This is an alphabetically sorted list of Asian countries, with their factual and estimated gross domestic product data by the International Monetary Fund for 2017.List of national capitals in East, South, and Southeast Asia. Jump to navigation Jump to search. This is a list of East, South, and Southeast Asian capitals. East Asia. Name Nation View Population Mayor or governor Beijing: People's Republic of China: 14, 930, 000 (2004, municipality) asian nations and capitals

50 rows  Below is the list of all Asian Countries and their Capital cities in alphabetical order, major

How can the answer be improved? In Asia you will find the big exotic capitals of the Far East like Bangkok, Beijing, Jakarta, New Delhi, Seoul, and Taipei, but also smaller, but famous capitals like Kathmandu, Lhasa, Vientiane or Hanoi. On this page you will find all capital cities of the Asian nations and theirasian nations and capitals The map shows large parts of Asia with the exception of some countries in Western Asia and the Middle East. Asia is the largest of the world's continents, it constitutes nearly onethird of Earth's landmass and is lying entirely north of the equator except