Louisiana capital outlay 2012

2020-02-18 00:48

The Capital Outlay Program (Bond Program) provides a source of funding for public improvement type projects not eligible for funding through any of the dedicated funding programs. The funds are provided through the sale of State General Obligation Bonds and can be used for acquiring lands, buildings, equipment or other properties, or for theirAfter enactment of the capital outlay act, the Capital Outlay Section prepares the governor's veto messages (if any). After the governor's signature of the act, capital outlay appropriation letters are sent to notify agencies of capital outlay appropriations and of procedures required to initiate funded projects. louisiana capital outlay 2012

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The Capital Outlay Statute requires legislative support for capital outlay requests submitted by NonState Entites. If your entity is not a state department, please have a State Senator or State Representative who represents the area the project is located write a Letter Of Support for your project(s). Please have the letter of support mailed to these addresses. Capital Outlay Downloadable Documents In alignment with the State of Louisiana's ongoing efforts to deliver government services in a more efficient manner, the Office of Facility Planning and Control is pleased to provide resources in digitalfriendly formats.louisiana capital outlay 2012 state of Louisiana andor collected by boards, commissions, departments, and agencies thereof, all for making capital outlay and for the purposes and in the amounts specified herein for the Fiscal