Norman maccaig reading brooklyn cop

2020-02-25 03:06

Brooklyn Cop. Norman MacCaig. Built like a gorilla but less timid, thickfleshed, steakcoloured, with two hieroglyphs in his face that mean trouble, he walks the sidewalk and the thin tissue over violence. This morning, when he said, See you, babe to his wife, he hoped it, he truly hoped it.Norman MacCaig introduces Brooklyn Cop. Brooklyn Cop (A Powerpoint) PEER essay planning Point Evidence Evaluation Refer back to the question. Brooklyn Cop Missing words test to test your knowledge of the poem text. Brooklyn Cop Essay Plan. COP (Ideas and Techniques used to convey these ideas) norman maccaig reading brooklyn cop

Nov 02, 2017 The poem Brooklyn Cop written by Norman MacCaig, I found extremely interesting as Norman MacCaig used very descriptive language such as Built like a gorilla but less timid . This simile in the opening contributes a joking manner and gives a lighthearted opening, along with a description of the cop.

Apr 15, 2008 Introduction Brooklyn Cop is a poem, by Normal MacCaig. There's my triangle of text, genre and author. Then I'd have a couple of sentences summarising the poem explaining that it is about a tough cop working a dirty beat in Brooklyn, USA. Brooklyn Cop In this poem, MacCaig portrays the imposing presence of a New York policeman. In doing so, MacCaig considers the fragile nature of society and the challenges that it can pose.norman maccaig reading brooklyn cop Brooklyn Cop written by Scottish poet Norman McCaig, is a poem that conveys a police officer in Brooklyn to be an aggressive yet affectionate man. Throughout the poem McCaig uses word choice and imagery techniques to express the dual sided nature of the cop. We will write a custom essay on Brooklyn Cop by Norman MacCaig specifically