Capitalism 2 factory guide

2020-02-23 20:40

Oct 05, 2016 Timofmars wrote: I never use discount megastores because they are harder maximize your sales and use they sell 4x as much stuff as the smallest stores, and they cost 4 times as much in every way (building, upkeep, employees, and land required), but their customer demand is the same as any other store.Nov 02, 2017 Capitalism 2: How to Beat Top of the World Updated on November 4, 2017. Joe. more. Build a chemical minerals mine, an oil well, a small plastic factory, and a large factory for cold tablets, cough syrup, headache pills, and eye shadow. Match my layouts and training levels. Capitalism 2: How to Beat The World in Your Hands by Joe 1. RPGs capitalism 2 factory guide

Capitalism 2 is still my favorite game. I like testing different retail and manufacturing strategies. There was an average of 897 more computers sold per month in the factory with three Sales units (6 more). Act 2 Ice Campaign Walkthrough Guide. by SOE 0. Simulation Games. How to Make Your Own Village in Minecraft by Jessica Peri 32.

Dec 31, 2002 Trevor Chan's Capitalism II Hints and Tips You can do it by simply dropping a factory with lowest monthly overheads, and deny others acess to them. 2. Never seek to produce close to market Apr 22, 2003  Large factory40 employees, at level 1 produced 760, 000 units, required 5 years and 2 months to reach level 8 at max training. This was done in ancapitalism 2 factory guide Oct 28, 2008 Capitalism II; Guide to success in Capitalism; User Info: call of duty. call of duty 10 years ago# 1. start it off. 1 large factory in each city (the autolayout for drugs will create all 3; very handy for you) and 1 medium for shampoo x 3. Kingdom Hearts III Guide Red Dead Redemption 2 Cheats Grand Theft Auto V Cheats.

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