1 year old shot in head brooklyn ny

2020-04-02 06:58

Sep 02, 2013 1YearOld Boy Is Fatally Shot in Brooklyn. The shooting occurred on the corner of Livonia Avenue and Bristol Street in the Marcus Garvey Village project in Brownsville about 7 p. m. The boy, Antiq Hennis, was hit in the left side of the head and pronounced dead at Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center. According to the police,Sep 01, 2013 A 1yearold boy was shot and killed as his parents pushed his stroller across a Brooklyn street Sunday evening, New York City police said. Breaking News Home 1 year old shot in head brooklyn ny

Sep 02, 2013 Manhunt underway after 1yearold killed in Brooklyn. A oneyearold boy died in New York City on Sunday night after he was shot in the head. No suspects have been arrested.

EAST FLATBUSH, Brooklyn A 15yearold boy died Thursday, four days after he was shot in the head on a Brooklyn street. Rohan Levy was with friends on Jul 08, 2019 Police say 31yearold man was a passenger in a vehicle traveling near Utica Avenue and Union Street when he was shot in the head. New York CityWhat and Brooklyn Avenue. The 31yearold1 year old shot in head brooklyn ny Mar 14, 2018 Four relatives, including a 1yearold girl and a 16yearold boy, were found dead, shot in the head, in various rooms of a fourthfloor apartment at a huge residential complex in Brooklyn early Wednesday, authorities and law enforcement sources familiar with the investigation tell NBC 4 New York. Katherine Creag reports.