Alphametrics capital management llc

2020-02-18 22:37

1208 VFW Pkwy Suite 303: Boston, Massachusetts: United States: Contact: Lloyd Dahmen: Phone: 617 Fax: 617Program Description: AlphaMetrics Capital Management, LLC uses a proprietary mathematical model to construct and trade a diversified portfolio of commodities. All trading decisions are based on statistical analysis of price data. Since its has used proprietary matematical models to assist in making trading decisions. alphametrics capital management llc

In late 2004, Lloyd C. Dahmen, a managing member of AlphaMetrics Capital Management LLC of Boston, MA, was appointed President and Andrzej Brzezinski, president of LaserComp Inc. of Saugus, MA, was named Chairman of the Board of Directors of Club Motorsports.

AlphaMetrics Capital management, LLC April 1998 June 2006 8 years 3 months. Head of research and development of trading strategies for the hedge fund. Mr. Lloyd C. Dahmen is a managing member of AlphaMetrics Capital Management LLC, established in 1999. He served as President at Club Motorsports, Inc.alphametrics capital management llc AlphaMetrics Capital LLC