Stamp duty on authorised share capital in delhi

2020-04-02 07:01

Mar 12, 2017 How much stamp duty do you have to pay in the 6 metro cities of India (most common documents) By. Anubhav Pandey With share 0. 15 of such authorised Share Capital subject to a minimum of One Thousand Rupees and a maximum of Five Lakh Rupees. I am sure that information shared by you in no way correct and for the same I request theMay 05, 2011 Increase in Authorised Capital is not liable to stamp duty under Indian Stamp Act, 1899 as applicable in Delhi. In response to the application the Petitioner was directed by the Stamp duty authority to pay the stamp duty of INR 1. 87 million on increased authorized shares capital of INR 1165 million. The Petitioner filed a writ petition before the Delhi High Court. stamp duty on authorised share capital in delhi

Delhi (companies having share capital other than section 8) 10. 200. 0. 15 of authorised capital subject to a maximum stamp duty of Rs. 25 lakhs of stamp duty. Stamp duty shall be: 0. 15 of amount of increase in authorised capital subject to maximum of Rs. 25 lakhs.

How can the answer be improved? Oct 03, 2011 As per Article 10 (a) and (b) of Schedule 1A of the Indian Stamp Act, 1899, stamp duty chargeable on the authorised capital of the company is 0. 15 of the authorised share capital with a monetary ceiling of Rs. 25 lakhs.stamp duty on authorised share capital in delhi Jul 30, 2012  Therefore, the payment of stamp duty payable on increase of authorized capital being paid with filing of form no. 5 with respect to State of National Capital territory of Delhi was made optional. Now the Honble High Court of Delhi at New Delhi vide order dated has stayed the impugned order.