Capital one platinum visa rental car coverage

2020-04-08 00:12

Ripoff Report on: Capital One Visa Car Rental Insurance Enterprise Capital one visa car rental insurance enterprise isnt worth the paper it is written on margaWhether you use a Visa, Mastercard or American Express card, chances are you can get some free auto insurance coverage when you rent a car. Generally, in order to snag this feature, you have to use the credit card to pay for your rental car. Youll also have to forgo the rental companys own insurance. capital one platinum visa rental car coverage

The benefits described pertain to Capital One branded consumer credit cards and may not be available with small business, cobrand and retail partner cards. Some benefits are only available to the primary accountholder and not authorized users. If available, balance transfer requests are subject to approval.

Capital One rental car insurance benefits differ based on the Capital One card you own. So they have different tiers, but even their most basic Visa Platinum and Mastercard Platinum cards will provide you with collision and theft coverage. Aug 30, 2016 Capital One Mastercard Benefits. Capital One issues cards that are part of either the Mastercard or the Visa payment networks, and the benefits you receive from your Capital One card can vary based on which one your card belongs to. For example, the Capital One Venture, VentureOne, Quicksilver, QuicksilverOne, Platinum and Secured cards arecapital one platinum visa rental car coverage To get Capital One Venture rental car insurance, you just need to pay for the rental with your Venture card and decline the rental companys insurance. Coverage lasts for up to 15 days domestically and up to 31 days internationally. Its worth noting that Venture card rental car insurance is actually a Visa