Capital campaign work plan

2020-02-19 04:08

The work you have done in developing our board and staff, and in preparing us for a successful capital campaign has been exceptional and is deeply appreciated. Even one year ago, the notion that we would mount a successful Capital campaign seemed a remote and foreign improbability.StepbyStep Checklist to Plan a Successful Capital Campaign The Need for Separate Planning Phases. Capital campaigns are big, PrePlanning Phase: Early Exploration. Determine your campaign objectives What do you want Planning Phase: Creating the Capital Campaign Plan. Create a Campaign capital campaign work plan

This is not a capital campaign at this stage. The Campaign is not in Limbo after two years, it is dead. No restart, in the conventional way, will allow for the typical Capital Campaign process to work since the capital asset to be purchasedthe equipmenthas been acquired and in use, up and running for a year.

But at a more complex level, a capital campaign is a concerted effort to raise a substantial amount of money for a specific project or undertaking. They always have deadlines that can be as soon as a year or as far away as five years or more! Capital campaigns require coordination and cooperation from the organization and community. Last weeks overview of capital campaign communications spelled out why its so important to have a plan that lays out the communications strategy for your whole campaign. . Now youre going to learn how to put the plan together. To make it even easier, weve included a sample plan at the campaign work plan A capital campaign, by definition, is an intense effort on the part of a nonprofit organization to raise significant dollars in a specified period of time. Usually the money raised is to fund acquiring or renovating a building, but often the campaigns focus is on building an endowment for