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2020-02-19 05:24

At 31. 8B, NYCHA's unmet capital needs dwarf government allocations. To avoid trial, the mayor agreed to sign a consent decree, putting the city on the hook for an additional 1. 2 billion over five years under the guidance of a federal monitor.Oct 22, 2014  The main dramatis personae are Sally Goldenberg, of Capital New York, and Phil Walzak, the mayors press secretary. sally goldenberg capital

WNYC's Brigid Bergin and Capital New York reporter Sally Goldenberg break down the politics and policy of the speech, and then Juan Manuel Benitez, NY1 Noticias reporter and host of Pura Politica

FaceOff: Politico Reporter Takes Shots at Iowa, SoundOff Answers Politico reporter Sally Goldenberg had a few things to say about her experience in Iowa, and one Oct 22, 2014  The Daily Beast published an article today that generates doubt as to whether Sally Goldenberg, a City Hall correspondent for Capital New York, could be trusted by her readership in light of her relationship with Phillip Walzak, Mayor de Blasios Press Secretary.sally goldenberg capital Read more about Capital New York Campaign Finance Board wants earlier payments to candidates by Sally Goldenberg Capital New York City owed 1. 5B in uncollected judgments by Sally Goldenberg Capital New York