Share capital definition in hindi

2020-04-02 03:37

Definition of 'share capital share capital. A company's share capital is the money that shareholders invest in order to start or expand the business. The bankShare capital or capital stock refers to the portion of a company's equity that has been obtained by trading stock to a shareholder for cash or an equivalent item of capital value. For example, a company can issue shares in exchange for computer servers, instead of purchasing the servers with cash. share capital definition in hindi

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Company, Share Capital and Share (in Hindi) WHAT IS A COMPANY? . Definition given by Professor Haney A company is an incorporated association which is an artificial person created by law, having a separate entity, with a perpetual succession and a common seal. . SHARE CAPITAL It is the amount that a company can raise or has raised by issue of shares. Jul 12, 2017  TOTAL NO of SHARE X SHARE PRICE SHARE CAPITAL. 1, 00, 000 ( SHARE) X 100 ( ) Net Worth Meaning Share Market Hindi December 23, 2017. awadhut March 30, 2018. informationshare capital definition in hindi Authorized share refers to the maximum amount of capital a company can issue to shareholders, usually as stated in a businesss articles of incorporation. Subscribed share capital refers to the amount to which the shareholder has subscribed or asked to receive. Issued capital is the share capital that has been issued to a companys shareholders.