Turn off auto capitalization in word 2010

2020-02-26 03:33

To turn off automatic capitalization, follow these steps: Go to Tools AutoCorrect Options. On the AutoCorrect tab, deselect the Capitalize First Letter Of Sentences check box, and click OK.Aug 09, 2016  To disable the capitalization autocorrect, click the File tab. On the backstage screen, click Options in the list of items on the left. Click Proofing in the list of items on the left side of the Word Options dialog box. In the AutoCorrect opitons section, click the AutoCorrect Options button. turn off auto capitalization in word 2010

Note: I used Word 2010 for this tutorial, but it should apply to Word 2007. 1. Click on File to open the menu. 2. Click on Options. 3. When the Word Options window opens, click on Proofing on the left pane. 4. Click on the AutoCorrect Options button. When the AutoCorrect window opens, you will have several options. 5.

Clear all the check boxes at the top of the tab to turn off all automatic capitalization. Clear the Replace text as you type box to turn off all automatic text replacements. Tip: If Office has auto corrected something for you and you didn't want that change, just click Undo or press CTRLZ on your keyboard to undo the change. How can the answer be improved?turn off auto capitalization in word 2010 Turning Off Auto Capitalization in Word. Automatic capitalization in Microsoft Word is designed to help you by fixing incorrect capitalization as you type. However, if you commonly write in a format that requires unusual capitalization, like a poem, or frequently use uncommon capitalization, the tool is more of a nuisance than an aid.